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Experimental post, using DreamWidth. This was updated months ago on, but I never got around to it on LJ, so...

This is a Sanada/Yukimura side story that was written at [ profile] jehzavere's request, as she wanted to know the Rikkai side of the business (which is only hinted at briefly). The title refers to something that is illusion, or unattainable, like a flower reflected in a mirror, or the moon's reflection on water.

Addendum: Flower in the Mirror, Moon on the Water )
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We are familiar with the notion THIS FIC MAKES NO SENSE, yes? Right, just checking. Also: this chapter is not for the fainthearted! I mean that.

VI. Fallen Petals, Flowing Water )
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Warning! Liberal translations ahead! Standard warnings (implausibility? Inaccuracy? Taking all the liberties in the world?) still apply. Please take this chapter (and the whole fic) with a grain of salt. Or the whole saltshaker. Thank you. ♥

V. Clear and Peaceful Music )
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The events in this side story take place years before the main story. Please leave your plausibility at the door, thank you! :D

Side Story: A Dream of My Beloved )
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I'd held off posting on LJ because I wanted to get notes done as well. I'm not sure if it's feasible at all, so I'm posting now. I didn't really fix anything from the version, so um. T__T

IV. Bamboo Adobe )
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Eh. Ignore how I keep fluttering between italicizing and not italicizing. ^^; Annotation to come.

III. Lily of the Valley )
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Something I forgot to mention last time. This is set in Kyoto. Sort of. So the geisha in the story use "-han" for honorific rather than "-san". Apparently, it's a Kyoto thing.

II. Full Moon )
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A Prince of Tennis AU. Set in Kyoto, Japan, during Tokugawa (Edo) period, in the first half of 1800s. I think. Ignore how I creative-write my way through Japanese culture and history. XD

I. Lady of Wisteria Trellis )

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