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PG, I guess. Angst/Drama. Implied past Tezuka/Fuji, and Tezuka/Ryoma if you squint. Sort of AU-ish, where Ryoma did not come to Seigaku during JHS. This is set in high school.

Warning: If you're a Tezuka/Ryoma fan, you'll hate me. If you're a Tezuka/Fuji fan, you'll also hate me. If you're a Tezuka/Oishi fan, you'll hate me, too. If you're Atobe/Anyone fan, then you'll hate me on principle. And if you've read "Looking-glass", you'll probably guess the plot three scenes into this one, because I'm unoriginal like that. ^^;

Summary: Tezuka spends his free time with Ryoma -- and only with Ryoma.

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R-ish. TezuFuji (?), FujiRyo. Warning for general oddness and angst.

Note: Based on the short animated film "Hoshi no Koe" by Makoto Shinkai. Previous knowledge of the film unnecessary, but it's really, really worth looking at if you haven't already. Most of the parts in italics are taken directly from the film itself.

Thank you, [ profile] sesame_seed, for reccing and providing the film. Also, many thanks to [ profile] ladycrysiana for beta & advice. ^__^

Hoshi no Koe )

While editing, I realized I'd used many turn of phrase and images from [ profile] petronia and [ profile] two_if_by_sea's fanfics. If I'd done that to anyone else and didn't realize, please tell me. I will gladly take this down if any of the aforementioned authors ask.

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