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The bottom line, according to Yukimura Seiichi. Posted in honor of Yukimura’s birthday!

Rated G. Gen/Character Study. 305 words. Originally written for the Massively Multi-Player Drabble Project (2011) featuring drabbles for a total of 71 characters from Prince of Tennis. I think perhaps one person has seen this one before.

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A D.Gray-Man fanfiction. Takes place during “215th Night: In Search of Allen Walker – Beside You,” right after Kanda and Johnny tie up Allen, so spoiler alert applies. 2,115 words. Allen/Kanda. Rated R/NC-17 for adult situation. Character sketch...okay, no, this is basically boypr0n. Enjoy.

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Seven Days: The Seventh

1,262 words. Rated G. Slice of life with humor. Written for Tezuka’s birthday, 2012-10-07.

Seven Days: The Seventh )
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Seven Days: The Sixth

661 words. Rated PG. Slice of life with a hint of romance. Originally written 4/11/2007 as a relaxation fic after the completion of Whisper.

Seven Days: The Sixth )
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Seven Days: The Fifth

361 words. Rated G. Slice of life with a hint of romance. Originally written 10/10/2011.

Seven Days: The Fifth )
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Seven Days: The Fourth

522 words. Rated G. Attempted Humor Fluff & Romance. Originally written on 10/10/2011.

Seven Days: The Fourth )
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Seven Days: The Third

384 words. Rated NC-17 for sexual content. Originally written on 10/20/2006, right after reading Genius 321 (the Fuji vs. Shiraishi match during the Nationals).

Seven Days: The Third )
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Seven Days: The Second

380 words. Rated G. Gen/Fuji Syuusuke character study. Originally written on 7/27/2011 for a drabble project.

Seven Days: The Second )
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Seven Days: The First

380 words. Rated G. Gen/Tezuka Kunimitsu character study. Originally written on 7/24/2011 as part of a drabble project.

Seven Days: The First )
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A week after the end of the Nationals, the Kanto Region schools gather for a relaxing summer camp together. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

G. Humor/Gen. 4,004 words. Story was written as a gift for the [ profile] funpotexchange community. The canon following the end of the manga is slightly altered so that Ryoma is still around. Only Seigaku, Rikkai, Hyoutei, Rokkaku, Fudomine, and Yamabuki are featured for simplicity’s sake.

I Know What You Did Last Summer (Camp) )
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Ten years later, Yuuta seeks the truth about what happened to his brother.

A Prince of Tennis fanfiction. Mystery. 10,070 words. Rated PG-13 for language. The title comes from a Lee MiRa manhwa of the same name, which has no relations whatsoever to this story. Caveat lector: I choose not to warn.

For the Mermaid Princess (2012) )
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Away from the sunlight, petal by fragile petal, Antoinette remembers.

PG. One-sided Marie Antoinette/Oscar Francois de Jarjayes, implied Antoinette/Hans Axel von Fersen. Drama & Romance. 3,320 words. Story written for the Secret Coconut 4, a fic exchange promoted by the community Saint Seiya Superfics Journal ([ profile] stseiya_fanfics). Originally posted exclusively at the community.

For Prompt 252 by [ profile] ghostfriendly: Oscar/Marie/Fersen. Queen Marie is in love with Oscar, and jealous of her relative freedom and independence. She tries to distract herself with her affair with Fersen, who loves her and who Oscar loves. Eventually, she appreciates that Oscar cares for her as a queen and friend. (No OCs, no rape or serious violence)

Warning: Spoilers for Versailles no Bara/The Rose of Versailles manga and anime series.

Souvenant )
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R. Light/L. Shameless boypr0n, with a side helping of drama and angst-if-you-squint. 1,340 words. Set right after the manga chapter 38, volume 5.

This posted only on back in 2009 -- I think I'd been concerned about LJ's sudden crackdown on adult-oriented material at that time -- and since I’m finally compiling a master list, I might as well post it here now.

Warning: Possible spoiler alert for manga volume 5. (Sometimes deliberate) run-ons, fragments, and rambling sentences. Oh, and shameless boypr0n ahead!

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Birthday fic! ...That is to say, today is my birthday. For my birthday, hurricane Irene went easy on my city and moved on north peaceably. Which is awesome, by the way -- we'd been rather scared!

G. Gen/tiny hint of romance. Tezuka/Fuji, as much as I could manage in a mostly gen fic (XD). 936 words. Spoiler for ShinPuri ch 38 and Prince of Naniwa OVA -- you've been warned. Originally written for a DeviantArt Tezuka/Fuji contest (theme: Bitter/Sweet Goodbye).

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